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1st to 20

1st to 20
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This final worksheet has students create their own repeated chance experiment to test new strategies for an unfamiliar game (1st to 20). In this activity students go through a number of rounds of playing the game, recording data and adjusting their strategy as they go.
To assess this item, pay careful attention to how students are collecting data and how they are using their understanding of outcomes and probability in that data to adapt their strategy moving forward.

This worksheet is part of a larger probability unit for Year 4 where students develop insights into the likelihoods of future outcomes through completing chance experiments.

Curriculum Codes

AC9M4P02 9

Conduct repeated chance experiments to observe relationships between outcomes; identify and describe the variation in results

ACMSP145 8.4

Conduct Probability (Chance) experiments with both small and large numbers of trials using appropriate digital technologies


Conduct chance experiments with both small and large numbers of trials using appropriate digital technologies

MA3-1WM old

Describes and represents mathematical situations in a variety of ways using mathematical terminology and some conventions

MA3-2WM old

Selects and applies appropriate problem- solving strategies, including the use of digital technologies, in undertaking investigations

MA3-3WM old

Gives a valid reason for supporting one possible solution over another

MA3-19SP old

Conducts chance experiments and assigns probabilities as values between 0 and 1 to describe their outcomes

MA2-CHAN-01 new

Records and compares the results of chance experiments



Instructions for the game 1st to 20 are included as part of the presentation for this unit. You may want to practise it as a group, or have a few 1st to 20 sessions before the final task to ensure that students are familiar with the game before this final task.

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