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5 Senses

5 Senses
Chemical Sciences
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These charts describe each of the five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight.

Lesson Structure
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9S2U03 9

Recognise that materials can be changed physically without changing their material composition and explore the effect of different actions on materials including bending, twisting, stretching and breaking into smaller pieces

ACSSU018 8.4

Everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways


Everyday materials can be physically changed or combined with other materials in a variety of ways for particular purposes

ST1-1WS-S old

Observes, questions and collects data to communicate and compare ideas

ST1-2DP-T old

Uses materials, tools and equipment to develop solutions for a need or opportunity

ST1-6MW-S old

Identifies that materials can be changed or combined

ST1-7MW-T old

Describes how the properties of materials determine their use

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Terese Robertson
Posted 5 years ago
QLD, Australia
used in Prep science lesson
Tina De Sousa
Posted 8 years ago
WA, Australia
Great visual resource to support lessons on the human body.