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Aboriginal Australia Map

Aboriginal Australia Map
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This is a map of Aboriginal Australia, a resource that will be particularly useful in conjunction with the Foundation-4 HASS Curriculum.

Lesson Structure
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9HS3K03 9

The representation of contemporary Australia as states and territories, and as the Countries/Places of First Nations Australians prior to colonisation, and the locations of Australia’s neighbouring regions and countries

ACHASSK066 8.4

The representation of Australia as states and territories and as Countries/Places of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; and major places in Australia, both natural and human


Representation of Australia as states and territories, and Australia’s major natural and human characteristics

GE2-1 old

Examines features and characteristics of places and environments

GE2-4 old

Acquires and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry

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Margaret Laviano
Posted 1 year ago
QLD, Australia
This is a great resource for students, but more so for teachers to identify the country on which we live. Thank you TT for developing more resources like this
joanne sharp
Posted 4 years ago
VIC, Australia
Kassandra Savage
Posted 3 years ago
QLD, Australia
Excellent resource
Gayle Vecchio
Posted 5 years ago
, Australia

Wow, super interesting! The children were fascinated by this resource. Thank you!