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Anzac Day Presentation

Anzac Day Presentation
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This insightful and informative presentation. is a fantastic resource to use within the classroom when teaching students about Anzac Day. This engaging presentation explains the history of Anzac Day, its significance, how people commemorate Anzac Day and many meaningful photographs. There are also guiding questions throughout, to make the presentation interactive. There are three separate tasks that could be completed to deepen student understanding of Anzac Day.

Suitable for
  • Relief Teachers
Lesson Structure
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9E2LE05 9

Create and edit literary texts by adapting structures and language features of familiar literary texts through drawing, writing, performance and digital tools

AC9E2LE01 9

Discuss how characters and settings are connected in literature created by First Nations Australian, and wide-ranging Australian and world authors and illustrators

AC9E1LE03 9

Discuss plot, character and setting, which are features of stories

AC9E1LE01 9

Discuss how language and images are used to create characters, settings and events in literature by First Nations Australian, and wide-ranging Australian and world authors and illustrators

AC9E1LE05 9

Orally retell or adapt a familiar story using plot and characters, language features including vocabulary, and structure of a familiar text, through role-play, writing, drawing or digital tools

AC9HS3K02 9

Significant events, symbols and emblems that are important to Australia’s identity and diversity, and how they are celebrated, commemorated or recognised in Australia, including Australia Day, Anzac Day, NAIDOC Week, National Sorry Day, Easter, Christmas, and other religious and cultural festivals

AC9E2LE02 9

Identify features of literary texts, such as characters and settings, and give reasons for personal preferences

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Kathi Deagan
Posted 3 years ago
New South Wales, Australia
This will be useful for our whole school to use this term when we return next week and celebrate Anzac Day. It covers a lot of different grades and activities.