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Australian Coins

Australian Coins
Mathematics Resources

These charts depict each of the Australian coins with descriptions of each listed below.

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Vanessa Carter
Posted 10 years ago
NSW, Australia
I wish I had found this resource a month ago! It would have saved me alot of hard work!
Amanda Lee
Posted 11 years ago
WA, Australia
clear and easy to use reference material to introduce coins to lower primary class - thanks
Deidre Le Maistre
Posted 9 years ago
SA, Australia
Clear, uncluttered. Useful for any Early Years Class.
Hayley Ragless
Posted 10 years ago
NT, Australia
wonderful looking forward to using these in my classroom!
Sally Davies
Posted 3 years ago
QLD, Australia
These charts were excellent but it would be helpful if the reverse side of the coin was shown, too.
Lyn Lawrence
Posted 1 month ago
Great room display