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Flags of Australia

Flags of Australia
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This resource has been created to support the Year 3 Unit of Work- Significant Events, Symbols and Emblems. The worksheets explain the design of the three flags of Australia. The set includes the Australian Flag, the Aboriginal Flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag. After learning about its design, students can colour the flag and complete the included Fast Finisher activity.

Curriculum Codes

AC9HS5K08 9

Types of resources, including natural, human and capital, and how they satisfy needs and wants

AC9HS3K02 9

Significant events, symbols and emblems that are important to Australia’s identity and diversity, and how they are celebrated, commemorated or recognised in Australia, including Australia Day, Anzac Day, NAIDOC Week, National Sorry Day, Easter, Christmas, and other religious and cultural festivals

AC9HS5K04 9

The influence of people, including First Nations Australians and people in other countries, on the characteristics of a place

AC9HS5K05 9

The management of Australian environments, including managing severe weather events such as bushfires, floods, droughts or cyclones, and their consequences

ACHASSK065 8.4

Celebrations and commemorations in places around the world (for example, Chinese New Year in countries of the Asia region, Bastille Day in France, Independence Day in the USA), including those that are observed in Australia (for example, Christmas Day, Diwali, Easter, Hanukkah, the Moon Festival and Ramadan)

ACHASSK064 8.4

Days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia (including Australia Day, Anzac Day, and National Sorry Day) and the importance of symbols and emblems



Investigate when, where and how the flags are flown throughout the year in Australia.

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