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Birthday Charts - Hot Air Balloon Empty Baskets

Birthday Charts - Hot Air Balloon Empty Baskets
Classroom Displays

These 12 gorgeous hot air balloons, made by request for our member, Dawn, are a slight variation on the balloons listed above. Again, each balloon is on an A4 page. These were made by to allow teachers to place a photo of each child in the basket as a visual reminder of the month featuring each student's birthday. If you require this resource in an additional font, please contact us.

irene Ryan
Posted 9 years ago
QLD, Australia
thius is a great resource to use for litllies as it sparks their imagination. They love anything a little different and this certainly does that. The chi9ldren love discussing different types of transport and uses of balloons now and in the past.
Michelle Sargeant-Ross
Posted 9 years ago
VIC, Australia
Love these! I outlined the balloons, baskets and strings with a black fineliner so that they stand out more. They look fantastic on the wall :)