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Business - Presentation

Business - Presentation
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This presentation about business and its role in the economy has been created to support Lesson 5 of the Making Choices unit. It allows the teacher to walk students through visual examples and explanations.

Curriculum Codes

AC9HS6K08 9

Influences on consumer choices and strategies that can be used to help make informed personal consumer and financial choices

ACHASSK149 8.4

How the concept of opportunity cost involves choices about the alternative use of resources and the need to consider trade-offs

ACHASSK150 8.4

The effect that consumer and financial decisions can have on the individual, the broader community and the environment

ACHASSK151 8.4

The reasons businesses exist and the different ways they provide goods and services


Explore the concept of opportunity cost and explain how it involves choices about the alternative use of limited resources and the need to consider trade-offs


Consider the effect that the consumer and financial decisions of individuals may have on themselves, their family, the broader community and the natural, economic and business environment


Identify the reasons businesses exist and investigate the different ways they produce and distribute goods and services


Make decisions, identify appropriate actions by considering the advantages and disadvantages, and form conclusions concerning an economics or business issue or event

GE3-4 old

Acquires, processes and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry

GE3-2 old

Explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments

GE3-3 old

Compares and contrasts influences on the management of places and environments

HT3-5 old

Applies a variety of skills of historical inquiry and communication

HT3-3 old

Identifies change and continuity and describes the causes and effects of change on Australian society

HT3-1 old

Describes and explains the significance of people, groups, places and events to the development of Australia

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