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Classroom Check In Pack

Classroom Check In Pack

This Classroom Check In pack is designed to be a flexible resource for your classroom reflection needs. Featuring PowerPoint presentations for both end of day and end of lesson feedback, you can gather formative data at a glance about the progress of each student. These presentations are designed to be used however you wish, display them on a TV or projector or share them to your students’ digital devices. Responses are tailored to your needs and can be anonymous or public. There is also a paper-based end of lesson feedback sheet where students can put a tick or sticky note at their level of understanding. You can then clarify immediately or review later. A totally flexible pack designed to create a culture of sharing, in an interactive way, while gathering important data you can use to inform your lessons.

Display the presentations to the class or share them to individual devices to gather feedback about the day in general or about a particular lesson.

Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
  • Class Activity


Share the presentations using digital or paper methods. These resources are totally flexible to your classroom needs.