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Comma Cues

Comma Cues
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Comma Cues is a poster designed to illustrate where commas should be placed in text and to show the different uses of commas in text. 

This poster is designed for upper primary and high school students to use as a reference chart.

Curriculum Codes

AC9E6LA09 9

Understand how to use the comma for lists, to separate a dependent clause from an independent clause, and in dialogue

ACELA1521 8.4

Understand the uses of commas to separate clauses

EN3-6B old

Uses knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary to respond to and compose clear and cohesive texts in different media and technologies

EN3-RECOM-01 new

Fluently reads and comprehends texts for wide purposes, analysing text structures and language, and by monitoring comprehension


Understand the uses of commas to separate clauses

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