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Connect Four – Multiplication Game

Connect Four – Multiplication Game
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This simple multiplication game requires no preparation and is a fun way to consolidate student’s knowledge of basic multiplication facts. A colour and black & white version has been included.

A great activity to use in Maths rotations, groups and partner activities. It is also perfect for fast finishers.

Suitable for
  • Fast Finishers
  • Relief Teachers
  • Parents
Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
  • Rotations / Group Work
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9M4N06 9

Develop efficient strategies and use appropriate digital tools for solving problems involving addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division where there is no remainder

MA2-RN-01 new

Applies an understanding of place value and the role of zero to represent numbers to at least tens of thousands

MA2-RN-02 new

Represents and compares decimals up to 2 decimal places using place value

MA2-AR-01 new

Selects and uses mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction involving 2- and 3-digit numbers

MA2-AR-02 new

Completes number sentences involving addition and subtraction by finding missing values

MA2-MR-01 new

Represents and uses the structure of multiplicative relations to 10 × 10 to solve problems

MA2-MR-02 new

Completes number sentences involving multiplication and division by finding missing values

MA2-PF-01 new

Represents and compares halves, quarters, thirds and fifths as lengths on a number line and their related fractions formed by halving (eighths, sixths and tenths)

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Libby Vafiopulous
Posted 1 year ago
QLD, Australia
Great resource! Kids love playing this game, it is a regular favourite in maths rotations.
Susan Kirkwood
Posted 3 years ago
NSW, Australia
I used this for for my small school. Kinder added the numbers on the two dice while the rest used it for multiplication. I laminated the sheets so that they can be used again. This was a really popular and fun activity. A great way to learn.