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Cupcake Creator Template

Cupcake Creator Template
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This activity is an extension of the Cupcake Creator activity, where students research possible popular cupcake flavour combinations while developing a new cupcake. In it, students colour a template cupcake and add some toppings before cutting them out and presenting them.

This worksheet is a part of a larger unit designed for Year 4 that helps students develop their statistical investigation skills by walking them through the necessary stages to plan, conduct and analyse a statistical investigation and then communicate their findings.

Curriculum Codes

AC9M4ST03 9

Conduct statistical investigations, collecting data through survey responses and other methods; record and display data using digital tools; interpret the data and communicate the results

ACMSP095 8.4

Select and trial methods for data collection, including survey questions and recording sheets


Select and trial methods for data collection, including survey questions and recording sheets

MA2-1WM old

Uses appropriate terminology to describe, and symbols to represent, mathematical ideas

MA2-2WM old

Selects and uses appropriate mental or written strategies, or technology, to solve problems

MA2-3WM old

Checks the accuracy of a statement and explains the reasoning used

MA2-18SP old

Selects appropriate methods to collect data, and constructs, compares, interprets and evaluates data displays, including tables, picture graphs and column graphs

MA2-DATA-01 new

Collects discrete data and constructs graphs using a given scale

MA2-DATA-02 new

Iinterprets data in tables, dot plots and column graphs



Have students present their cupcake flavour to the class. This can either become another data activity where they vote on their favourite combination, or the head baker (you) can pick the one you think sounds most appetising.

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