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Data Detectives

Data Detectives
Mathematics Statistics (Data)
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These simple survey sheets give Foundation students a basic introduction to collecting data from their classmates using simple questions and tally marks. Students will then interpret the data to determine which option was more popular in their class.

You may choose to print a variety of options for your class to work on as they survey each other or you may choose one survey for the whole class.

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Curriculum Codes


Collect, sort and compare data represented by objects and images in response to given investigative questions that relate to familiar situations

ACMSP011 8.4

Answer yes/no questions to collect information and make simple inferences

MAe-1WM old

Describes mathematical situations using everyday language, actions, materials and informal recordings

MAe-3WM old

Uses concrete materials and/or pictorial representations to support conclusions

MAe-17SP old

Represents data and interprets data displays made from objects

MAE-DATA-01 new

Contributes to collecting data and interprets data displays made from objects


Answer yes/no questions to collect information


Organise answers to yes/no questions into simple data displays using objects and drawings


Interpret simple data displays about yes/no questions



Use the blank template for students to think of their own question to ask other students. 

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