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Delicious Data - Assessment

Delicious Data - Assessment
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A simple assessment tool where students demonstrate their learning from the Data Unit. Students are required to answer some Yes or No questions, record data using tally marks and a bar graph as well as interpreting data.

Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
Curriculum Codes


Collect, sort and compare data represented by objects and images in response to given investigative questions that relate to familiar situations

ACMSP011 8.4

Answer yes/no questions to collect information and make simple inferences

MAe-1WM old

Describes mathematical situations using everyday language, actions, materials and informal recordings

MAe-3WM old

Uses concrete materials and/or pictorial representations to support conclusions

MAe-17SP old

Represents data and interprets data displays made from objects

MAE-DATA-01 new

Contributes to collecting data and interprets data displays made from objects


Answer yes/no questions to collect information


Organise answers to yes/no questions into simple data displays using objects and drawings


Interpret simple data displays about yes/no questions



Some students may require an adult to read through each question with them before they make their choices.

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