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Elapsed - A Game of Calculating Duration

Elapsed - A Game of Calculating Duration
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The aim of this game is to determine the time that has elapsed between the first clock and the second clock on each card. It has been designed to be used as either a group rotations activity or as a form of assessment. It works for both purposes. 

Suitable for
  • Fast Finishers
Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
  • Rotations / Group Work
Curriculum Codes

AC9M4M03 9

Solve problems involving the duration of time including situations involving “am” and “pm” and conversions between units of time

ACMMG086 8.4

Use ‘am’ and ‘pm’ notation and solve simple time problems


Convert between units of time


Measure, calculate and compare elapsed time


Use am and pm notation and solve simple time problems

MA2-1WM old

Uses appropriate terminology to describe, and symbols to represent, mathematical ideas

MA2-2WM old

Selects and uses appropriate mental or written strategies, or technology, to solve problems

MA2-13MG old

Reads and records time in one-minute intervals and converts between hours, minutes and seconds

MA2-NSM-02 new

Estimates, measures and compares the masses of objects using kilograms and grams



You may provide a time number line for students to use. Students may work with buddies. As this game is quite fast-paced, your other option is to move back to the Monster Time Mash-Up activity, as it allows students to spend more time working out each answer. The Monster Time Mash-Up Activity also provides you with a formative assessment activity, so it can be used as a consolidation activity.


Students can create their own cards for this activity, by simply drawing analogue times on cards that match the game boards. Alternatively, ask students to arrange cards in order from lowest duration of time to the greatest duration of time. As this has been designed as a form of assessment, any extension could be offered to those students who reflect on the game (on the included exit slips) as being easy.
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