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English Unit: Helpful Homophones

English Unit: Helpful Homophones
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This unit plan has been created to support students to recognise and spell single- syllabic homophones. The unit comes complete with an engaging presentation, posters, a handy bookmark, worksheets and many games.  

Suitable for
  • Fast Finishers
  • Relief Teachers
  • Parents
Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
  • Rotations / Group Work
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9E3LY12 9

Recognise and know how to write most high-frequency words including some homophones

ACELA1486 8.4

Recognise and know how to write most high frequency words including some homophones

EN2-4A old

Uses an increasing range of skills, strategies and knowledge to fluently read, view and comprehend a range of texts on increasingly challenging topics in different media and technologies

EN2-VOCAB-01 new

Builds knowledge and use of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary through interacting, wide reading and writing, and by defining and analysing words

EN2-SPELL-01 new

Selects, applies and describes appropriate phonological, orthographic and morphological generalisations and strategies when spelling in a range of contexts


Recognise most high-frequency words, know how to use common prefixes and suffixes, and know some homophones and generalisations for adding a suffix to a base word

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