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Fraction Decimal Bingo - Whole Class Set

Fraction Decimal Bingo - Whole Class Set
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There are 32 game boards in this class set that provides practise in converting fractions to decimals. This game covers tenths and hundredths as well as common fractions such as 1/2, 1/4 etc. This is not only fun but a great way to get your students thinking.

Curriculum Codes

AC9M5N01 9

Interpret, compare and order numbers with more than 2 decimal places, including numbers greater than one, using place value understanding; represent these on a number line

ACMNA105 8.4

Compare, order and represent decimals


Recognise that the place value system can be extended beyond hundredths


Compare, order and represent decimals

MA3-1WM old

Describes and represents mathematical situations in a variety of ways using mathematical terminology and some conventions

MA3-2WM old

Selects and applies appropriate problem- solving strategies, including the use of digital technologies, in undertaking investigations

MA3-3WM old

Gives a valid reason for supporting one possible solution over another

MA3-7NA old

Compares, orders and calculates with fractions, decimals and percentages

MA3-RN-01 new

Applies an understanding of place value and the role of zero to represent the properties of numbers

MA3-RN-02 new

Compares and orders decimals up to 3 decimal places

MA3-RN-03 new

Determines percentages of quantities, and finds equivalent fractions and decimals for benchmark percentage values

MA3-MR-01 new

Selects and applies appropriate strategies to solve multiplication and division problems

MA3-MR-02 new

Constructs and completes number sentences involving multiplicative relations, applying the order of operations to calculations

MA3-GM-02 new

Selects and uses the appropriate unit and device to measure lengths and distances including perimeters

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Kathryn Byrnes
Posted 4 years ago
QLD, Australia
The kids loved this....fantastic and very effective resource!