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Going to the Swimming Pool - Social Story

Going to the Swimming Pool - Social Story
Special Needs Resources

Social Stories present specific situations, events or activities by describing them in a clear, concise and structured manner. They are often useful for students on the autism spectrum, as they are a handy tool students can use to interpret and respond appropriately to everyday social cues.

A social story aims to shed light on significant cues, perspectives and typical responses, empowering children to interact and behave in ways that are both socially appropriate and meaningful.

To begin, identify the social situation where the child may benefit from a clearer understanding of appropriate behaviour choices and social interactions.

Read the Social Story, Going to the Swimming Pool, and edit to ensure that the information is clear and relatable before reading the story aloud with the child.

Then continue to reinforce the story through repetition and real-life practice.

These stories come in both A4 and A5 sizes. You can edit the text in both sizes but if you need to delete pages, please use the A4 size.

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