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Health Unit: Bouncing Back and Overcoming

Health Unit: Bouncing Back and Overcoming
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This activity pack, and its matching presentation, was designed to help students become aware of negative patterns of thought, recognise personal accomplishments, and implement self-care strategies to help build resilience.

It is part of a larger unit designed using the national Health and Physical Education curriculum. 

Curriculum Codes

AC9HP4P01 9

Investigate how success, challenge, setbacks and failure strengthen resilience and identities in a range of contexts

ACPPS033 8.4

Explore how success, challenge and failure strengthen identities


Examine how success, challenge and failure strengthen personal identities

PD2-1 old

Explores strategies to manage physical, social and emotional change

PD2-2 old

Explains and uses strategies to develop resilience and to make them feel comfortable and safe

PD2-3 old

Explains how empathy, inclusion and respect can positively influence relationships

PD2-9 old

Demonstrates self- management skills to respond to their own and others’ actions

PD2-10 old

Demonstrates a range of interpersonal skills that build and enhance relationships and promote inclusion in various situations