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Hello Around the World

Hello Around the World
Classroom Displays

These charts are a fantastic addition to any classroom or teaching environment. Each chart features the name of the country, a famous landmark, a map of the country, the country's national flag and the words for 'hello' in the native language. This resource will be especially useful when studying Celebrations and Festivals Around the World.

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Jennifer Chamberlin
Posted 12 years ago
QLD, Australia
Fantastic. I printed them 2 to a page like Amy. Just the multicutural touch for my Home Corner.
Natalie Campbell
Posted 11 years ago
NSW, Australia
My Kindergarten class loved these! Thanks Teach This! I printed them A4 size and laminated them for display, as we were marking the roll each day they could choose a greeting from a different country to respond with - it was a great cultural link during the Olympics too.
Amy Yates
Posted 12 years ago
SA, Australia
I printed these 2 to a page for a better display size that doesn't take up too much room and they look awesome. Thanks Teach this!