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Homework - Foundation with Sight Words

Homework - Foundation with Sight Words
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The Homework we've created for Foundation students is designed to be quick for families. We've created it in a modified grid style similar to higher grades, so students can feel comfortable with the format.  


This homework draws from the English and Mathematics Australian Curriculum content. We have included one simple maths activity and a list of 5 sight words each week. By the end of the year, students will have a list of 200 sight words. For those students who are struggling to learn their sight words, you may wish to provide only the sight word lists, and continue revising. Alternatively, provide ideas for parents on fun ways to practise sight words at home. 


One of the reasons we include the Mathematics and Sight Word content is so that parents understand and feel informed about what their child is learning at school. This format provides a very quick overview of where the majority of students should be academically, by a certain time in their Foundation year at primary school. 


The Parents' Choice board allows families to tailor homework to their own needs and incorporate their child's existing after-school commitments. Encouage parents to include any form of additional therapy their child current attends. This will not only give you a clearer picture of the student, but it recognises the work the student is doing in all areas of their education, which may not begin and end at school. 


To provide flexibility, we have not included week numbers. You may pick and choose the content you deliver on any given week, to suit your needs. In all higher grades, Year levels are indicated by the number of stars in the top right corner. In the Foundation year, an apple represents the grade.



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