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Incentive Charts

Incentive Charts
Behaviour Management

These little A5 size incentive charts allow you to reward each student with 20 mini round stickers before awarding a well earned prize. There is space provided to write the student's name at the top of each chart. These are very cute and appealing classroom additions.

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Robyn Downes
Posted 10 years ago
QLD, Australia
The incentive charts have worked well in my Yr 3 class as a visual conformation to my behaved students and as a visual discussion point for my more behaviour challenged students. I've awarded stickers for sessions. A full sticker for a good session, 1/2 sticker for needed verbal reminders and 1/4 sticker if further steps were needed. I told parents about the chart and told them to expect it home on Fridays. Students who have a full complement of whole stickers choose 15mins reward time Friday afternoon. We are into week 3 and it is still popular in my class and starting to have a positive effect. A few more base charts would help keep it interesting. I'm printing the bird onto different colours to make it different each week. Thanks Robyn
Anna Fahey
Posted 4 years ago
, Australia