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Let me tell you about...

Let me tell you about...
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This worksheet and activity were a request from on of our member teachers. To complete this activity, students take turns interviewing one of their classmates, asking different questions than they might otherwise. Once that is done, students pick a few of the answers and then present, or introduce, that other student to the class. A great activity for the first week of school.

Suitable for
  • Relief Teachers
Lesson Structure
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9E2LY07 9

Create, rehearse and deliver short oral and/or multimodal presentations for familiar audiences and purposes, using text structure appropriate to purpose and topic-specific vocabulary, and varying tone, volume and pace

ACELY1667 8.4

Rehearse and deliver short presentations on familiar and new topics

ACPPS015 8.4

Describe their own strengths and achievements and those of others, and identify how these contribute to personal identities

EN1-6B old

Recognises a range of purposes and audiences for spoken language and recognises organisational patterns and features of predictable spoken texts

EN1-OLC-01 new

Communicates effectively by using interpersonal conventions and language to extend and elaborate ideas for social and learning interactions

EN1-VOCAB-01 new

Understands and effectively uses Tier 1, taught Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary to extend and elaborate ideas

EN1-UARL-01 new

Understands and responds to literature by creating texts using similar structures, intentional language choices and features appropriate to audience and purpose

EN1-REFLU-01 new

Sustains reading unseen texts with automaticity and prosody and self-corrects errors


Rehearse and deliver short presentations on familiar and new topics, speaking clearly and varying tone, volume and pace appropriately, and using supportive props

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