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Life of A Convict - Worksheet

Life of A Convict - Worksheet
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Students will reflect upon various aspects of the life of a convict soon after British settlement in Australia.

This forms part of the Year 5 HASS History Unit - Exploring Australian History.

Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9HS5K01 9

The economic, political and social causes of the establishment of British colonies in Australia after 1800

AC9HS5K02 9

The impact of the development of British colonies in Australia on the lives of First Nations Australians, the colonists and convicts, and on the natural environment

AC9HS5S01 9

Develop questions to investigate people, events, developments, places and systems

AC9HS5K03 9

The role of a significant individual or group, including First Nations Australians and those who migrated to Australia, in the development of events in an Australian colony

AC9HS5S05 9

Develop evidence-based conclusions

AC9HS5S04 9

Evaluate primary and secondary sources to determine origin, purpose and perspectives

AC9HS5S02 9

Locate, collect and organise information and data from primary and secondary sources in a range of formats

AC9HS5S07 9

Present descriptions and explanations, drawing ideas, findings and viewpoints from sources, and using relevant terms and conventions

AC9HS5S03 9

Evaluate information and data in a range of formats to identify and describe patterns and trends, or to infer relationships

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