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MAB Bingo 1-99

MAB Bingo 1-99
Mathematics Games & Activities

This game is suitable for up to 8 players and provides essential practise in place value using MAB Blocks.

Kerrilyn O'Brien
Posted 8 years ago
NSW, Australia
What a great idea! The kids love playing this game.
Lorraine Pederick
Posted 10 years ago
WA, Australia
Lyn Jackson
Posted 10 years ago
WA, Australia
this is awesome. Not only is is a fun game for the children it teaches them their place values. how exciting. Thankyou Teach This. Lyn Jackson
shannon elliott
Posted 8 years ago
SA, Australia
Kids love this game. Have used its heaps this term.
Michele Buck
Posted 1 year ago
QLD, Australia
This is a great way for children to practice place value independently. I love that there are 8 different boards to use