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Match the Number - Addition 3 Digit Regrouping

Match the Number - Addition 3 Digit Regrouping
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In the Match the Number: 3 Digit Addition with Regrouping game, students calculate addition problems that require regrouping and find the matching answer.

Curriculum Codes

MA1-1WM old

Describes mathematical situations and methods using everyday and some mathematical language, actions, materials, diagrams and symbols

MA1-2WM old

Uses objects, diagrams and technology to explore mathematical problems

MA1-3WM old

Supports conclusions by explaining or demonstrating how answers were obtained

MA1-8NA old

Creates, represents and continues a variety of patterns with numbers and objects

MA1-CSQ-01 new

Uses number bonds and the relationship between addition and subtraction to solve problems involving partitioning

MA2-RN-01 new

Applies an understanding of place value and the role of zero to represent numbers to at least tens of thousands

MA2-RN-02 new

Represents and compares decimals up to 2 decimal places using place value

MA2-AR-01 new

Selects and uses mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction involving 2- and 3-digit numbers

MA2-AR-02 new

Completes number sentences involving addition and subtraction by finding missing values

AC9M2N04 9

Add and subtract one- and two-digit numbers, representing problems using number sentences and solve using part-part-whole reasoning and a variety of calculation strategies

AC9M3N03 9

Add and subtract two- and three-digit numbers using place value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers to assist in calculations without a calculator

ACMNA036 8.4

Solve problems by using number sentences for addition or subtraction


Solve problems by using number sentences for addition or subtraction

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