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Middle Primary Deskmat

Middle Primary Deskmat
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This visually engaging desk mat serves as an easy reference tool for students, aiding them with basic number and algebra concepts. Additionally, a set of desk mats, including the 'Number Essentials' mat, provides primary school students with quick access to essential maths concepts. The 'Number Essentials' mat features a 10 by 10 grid, fact families, place value chart, odd and even number generalisations, and a fraction wall. These mats can be laminated for multiple uses and kept in student desks or in an easy-to-access spot for students to grab when needed. They are valuable references for both students and teachers and are considered must-haves for any primary school classroom.

Curriculum Codes

AC9M3M01 9

Identify which metric units are used to measure everyday items; use measurements of familiar items and known units to make estimates

AC9M3M02 9

Measure and compare objects using familiar metric units of length, mass and capacity, and instruments with labelled markings

AC9M3M05 9

Identify angles as measures of turn and compare angles with right angles in everyday situations

AC9M4M04 9

Estimate and compare angles using angle names including acute, obtuse, straight angle, reflex and revolution, and recognise their relationship to a right angle

AC9M4SP02 9

Create and interpret grid reference systems using grid references and directions to locate and describe positions and pathways

AC9M5M01 9

Choose appropriate metric units when measuring the length, mass and capacity of objects; use smaller units or a combination of units to obtain a more accurate measure

AC9M3M04 9

Describe the relationship between the hours and minutes on analog and digital clocks, and read the time to the nearest minute

AC9M3M03 9

Recognise and use the relationship between formal units of time including days, hours, minutes and seconds to estimate and compare the duration of events

AC9M4N02 9

Explain and use the properties of odd and even numbers

AC9M3A03 9

Recall and demonstrate proficiency with multiplication facts for 3, 4, 5 and 10; extend and apply facts to develop the related division facts

AC9M5N03 9

Compare and order fractions with the same and related denominators including mixed numerals, applying knowledge of factors and multiples; represent these fractions on a number line

AC9M3N02 9

Recognise and represent unit fractions including 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 and 1/10 and their multiples in different ways; combine fractions with the same denominator to complete the whole

AC9M4N04 9

Count by fractions including mixed numerals; locate and represent these fractions as numbers on number lines

AC9M4N01 9

Recognise and extend the application of place value to tenths and hundredths and use the conventions of decimal notation to name and represent decimals

AC9M4A02 9

Recall and demonstrate proficiency with multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and related division facts; extend and apply facts to develop efficient mental strategies for computation with larger numbers without a calculator

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Nicola Harris
Posted 5 years ago
QLD, Australia
Invaluable tool for every student desk