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Money Game - Coins

Money Game - Coins
Money Games & Activities

This game is designed for 4-5 players and is great for teaching students to add coins. It covers all coins. Throughout this game students take turns to select a coin card from a pile and add the total cost of the coins. They then find an item in either theirs or another player's shop for that exact price. Tokens are collected along the way to trade or use for free turns.

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Sheryl Forrester
Posted 11 years ago
VIC, Australia
This is the best game I have ever come across for teaching the skill of computation of coins for all students. I have used the coin bingo and notes bingo across all grade levels from 1-6. It is a fantastic and fun way for kids to develop a good understanding of this concept. I will also say that it is a favourite resource for students and teachers.
Jacqueline Williams
Posted 9 years ago
NSW, Australia
This looks like a fantastic game. It would be great to have a total of 6 game cards so that it could be used for table groups during maths.
Angela Heffernan
Posted 10 years ago
QLD, Australia
Excellent resource! My grade 2's loved it!
Kath Nothdurft
Posted 3 years ago
QLD, Australia
Found this very helpful, quick and manageable.
Elizabeth Gelevski
Posted 1 year ago
NSW, Australia
Students love bingo games.