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Oral Presentations Quiz

Oral Presentations Quiz
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The Oral Presentations Quiz requires students to recall and retrieve their knowledge on oral presentations. Simply open the slideshow and move at your students’ pace.

Answers are revealed after each question, providing opportunities for a class discussion. This resource forms part of a larger oral presentations unit.

Lesson Structure
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes

ENe-1A old

Communicates with peers and known adults in informal and guided activities demonstrating emerging skills of group interaction

ENE-UARL-01 new

Understands and responds to literature read to them


Create and deliver short spoken texts to report ideas and events to peers, using features of voice such as appropriate volume

AC9E1LY02 9

Use interaction skills including turn-taking, speaking clearly, using active listening behaviours and responding to the contributions of others, and contributing ideas and questions

ACELY1647 8.4

Deliver short oral presentations to peers


Deliver short oral presentations to peers, using appropriate voice levels, articulation, body language, gestures and eye contact

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