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Ordinal Numbers Fish Display

Ordinal Numbers Fish Display
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These fish charts have been updated by request to include 1st through to 30th and create a great display for lower primary classrooms. Select a variety of coloured paper and print the fish to create a vibrant classroom display.

Curriculum Codes

AC9M2N01 9

Recognise, represent and order numbers to at least 1000 using physical and virtual materials, numerals and number lines

ACMNA027 8.4

Recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 1000

MA1-1WM old

Describes mathematical situations and methods using everyday and some mathematical language, actions, materials, diagrams and symbols

MA1-2WM old

Uses objects, diagrams and technology to explore mathematical problems

MA1-3WM old

Supports conclusions by explaining or demonstrating how answers were obtained

MA1-4NA old

Applies place value, informally, to count, order, read and represent two- and three-digit numbers

MA1-RWN-01 new

Applies an understanding of place value and the role of zero to read, write and order two- and three-digit numbers

MA1-RWN-02 new

Reasons about representations of whole numbers to 1000, partitioning numbers to use and record quantity values


Recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 1000

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Fiammetta Stefani
Posted 4 years ago
QLD, Australia
Extremely helpful during our Math classes.