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Parts of a Plant

Parts of a Plant
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This Parts of A Plant Poster was created for the Foundation Living Things Unit and provides a clear visual explanation of the external features of a plant. 

Curriculum Codes

AC9SFU01 9

Observe external features of plants and animals and describe ways they can be grouped based on these features

ACSSU017 8.4

Living things have a variety of external features


Living things have a variety of external features and live in different places where their basic needs, including food, water and shelter, are met

ST1-1WS-S old

Observes, questions and collects data to communicate and compare ideas

ST1-2DP-T old

Uses materials, tools and equipment to develop solutions for a need or opportunity

ST1-4LW-S old

Describes observable features of living things and their environments

ST1-5LW-T old

Identifies how plants and animals are used for food and fibre products

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