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Piggy Bank Savings

Piggy Bank Savings
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Students will place money inside their piggy bank, add up the value of the coins, and write the total value of the coins on the bottom left of the sheet. Photograph completed work with a student name tag as part of an assessment of understanding.

Suitable for
  • Fast Finishers
Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
  • Rotations / Group Work
Curriculum Codes

AC9M2N06 9

Use mathematical modelling to solve practical problems involving additive and multiplicative situations, including money transactions; represent situations and choose calculation strategies; interpret and communicate solutions in terms of the situation

AC9M3M06 9

Recognise the relationships between dollars and cents and represent money values in different ways

ACMNA034 8.4

Count and order small collections of Australian coins and notes according to their value

MA1-1WM old

Describes mathematical situations and methods using everyday and some mathematical language, actions, materials, diagrams and symbols

MA1-2WM old

Uses objects, diagrams and technology to explore mathematical problems

MA1-3WM old

Supports conclusions by explaining or demonstrating how answers were obtained

MA1-5NA old

Uses a range of strategies and informal recording methods for addition and subtraction involving one- and two-digit numbers

MA1-6NA old

Uses a range of mental strategies and concrete materials for multiplication and division

MA1-CSQ-01 new

Uses number bonds and the relationship between addition and subtraction to solve problems involving partitioning

MA1-FG-01 new

Uses the structure of equal groups to solve multiplication problems, and shares or groups to solve division problems

MA2-AR-01 new

Selects and uses mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction involving 2- and 3-digit numbers

MA2-AR-02 new

Completes number sentences involving addition and subtraction by finding missing values


Solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies


Recognise and represent multiplication as repeated addition, groups and arrays


Apply repetition in arithmetic operations, including multiplication as repeated addition and division as repeated subtraction


Count and order small collections of Australian coins and notes according to their value

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Lyn Lawrence
Posted 2 years ago
Great visual