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Powerful Proofreading - Foundation

Powerful Proofreading - Foundation
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This is the perfect activity to use when practicing the skills that go with editing a sentence or piece of writing. 

Your class will love working alongside you, or in groups to fix these sentences up.

Simply cut out and laminate the letter, punctuation and editing characters. Attach to pegs, paddle pop sticks or make finger puppets with them! Then, print out and cut up the sentences to display on the whiteboard. As a class or in groups, use the editing symbols on the following page, to identify errors in the sentences. Guide students to check if each sentence:

  1. Uses capital letters where required
  2. Uses correct sentence punctuation
  3. Uses accurate spelling
  4. Makes sense
  5. Is rewritten neatly with finger spaces when appropriate.
Lesson Structure
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes


Create and participate in shared editing of short written texts to record and report ideas and events using some learnt vocabulary, basic sentence boundary punctuation and spelling some consonant–vowel–consonant words correctly


Identify punctuation as a feature of written text different from letters; recognise that capital letters are used for names, and that capital letters also signal the beginning of sentences while punctuation marks signal the end

ACELY1652 8.4

Participate in shared editing of students’ own texts for meaning, spelling, capital letters and full stops

ENe-2A old

Composes simple texts to convey an idea or message

ENe-3A old

Produces most lower case and upper case letters and uses digital technologies to construct texts

ENE-CWT-01 new

Creates written texts that include at least 2 related ideas and correct simple sentences

ENE-SPELL-01 new

Applies phonological, orthographic and morphological generalisations and strategies to spell taught familiar and high-frequency words when creating texts

ENE-VOCAB-01 new

Understands and effectively uses Tier 1 words and Tier 2 words in familiar contexts

ENE-HANDW-01 new

Produces all lower-case and upper-case letters to create texts

ENE-UARL-01 new

Understands and responds to literature read to them


Participate in shared editing of students’ own texts for meaning, spelling, capital letters and full stops


Create short texts to explore, record and report ideas and events using familiar words and beginning writing knowledge


Construct texts using software including word processing programs

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