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Practise Your Alphabet

Practise Your Alphabet
English Resources

This chart features each of the letters of the alphabet and allows students to practise their handwriting.

joanne sharp
Posted 1 year ago
VIC, Australia
brilliant exactly what I needed.
Clarissa Wilkins
Posted 9 years ago
QLD, Australia
I find this page useful with my Prep class once all letters have been taught. They enjoy having a go at all the letters in one simple activity.
Jo Crosbie
Posted 5 years ago
This is great for Prep students. Could we please have the capital letters in this format too?
Roline Sheppard
Posted 2 years ago
QLD, Australia
Great for practice.
Kate Jackman
Posted 2 years ago
WA, Australia
Great to pop into a plastic sleeve for morning work.