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Proper Nouns - Quiz

Proper Nouns - Quiz
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The Proper Noun Quiz is an auto-timed quiz that requires students to find the Proper Noun in a variety of sentences.
You can run this as an assessment activity or as a whole class participation activity.
Your role as the teacher is simply to start the slideshow and let the students do the rest. At the end of the quiz, students will be shown the answers and asked to mark their own work. 

Curriculum Codes

AC9E2LA07 9

Understand that in sentences nouns may be extended into noun groups using articles and adjectives, and verbs may be expressed as verb groups

ACELA1468 8.4

Understand that nouns represent people, places, concrete objects and abstract concepts; that there are three types of nouns: common, proper and pronouns; and that noun groups/phrases can be expanded using articles and adjectives

EN1-4A old

Draws on an increasing range of skills and strategies to fluently read, view and comprehend a range of texts on less familiar topics in different media and technologies

EN1-RECOM-01 new

Comprehends independently read texts that require sustained reading by activating background and word knowledge, connecting and understanding sentences and whole text, and monitoring for meaning

EN1-CWT-01 new

Plans, creates and revises texts written for different purposes, including paragraphs, using knowledge of vocabulary, text features and sentence structure


Understand that nouns represent people, places, things and ideas and include common, proper, concrete or abstract, and that noun groups/phrases can be expanded using articles and adjectives

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Deborah Ogrizek
Posted 3 years ago
WA, Australia
A great assessment resource