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Rules and Consequences - Presentation

Rules and Consequences - Presentation
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This presentation has been designed as a support resource when working your way through the lessons within our Year 3 Civics and Citizenship unit; Rules and Consequences. The presentation states each lesson’s learning intention along with visuals, questions, explanations to support you and your students consolidate their understanding. 

Suitable for
  • Relief Teachers
Lesson Structure
  • Class Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9HS3K06 9

Who makes rules, why rules are important in the school and/or the local community, and the consequences of rules not being followed

ACHASSK071 8.4

Who makes rules, why rules are important and the consequences of rules not being followed

ACHASSK070 8.4

The importance of making decisions democratically


Explain how and why people make rules


Identify how and why decisions are made democratically in communities


Identify features of government and law and describe key democratic values

HT2-2 old

Describes and explains how significant individuals, groups and events contributed to changes in the local community over time

HT2-5 old

Applies skills of historical inquiry and communication

GE2-2 old

Describes the ways people, places and environments interact

GE2-4 old

Acquires and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry

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