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Single-Digit Subtraction 3-piece puzzles

Single-Digit Subtraction 3-piece puzzles
Number and Place Value Games & Activities

Introduce Single-Digit Subtraction with this set of 3-piece puzzles. We have designed this activity to be flexible and easily allow you to modify and extend the activity to suit all students. This activity is perfect for group maths and numeracy rotations.


Students can place a name card alongside completed puzzles, before taking a photograph of their work for assessment records.



Remove the centre piece of the puzzle. Alternatively, cut the puzzle initially into only two pieces, cutting into three pieces only when students are ready to progress.


Remove the piece of the puzzle with the visual representation of the equation. Provide students with a subtraction mat and counters to create their own visual representation of the subtraction problem. Provide students with strips of paper to create their own subtraction puzzles.
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joanne sharp
Posted 2 years ago
VIC, Australia
fantastic visual resource to use with my focus group