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Special Quadrilaterals 2D Shape SNAP

Special Quadrilaterals 2D Shape SNAP
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Students will compare and name the properties of each of the special quadrilaterals in this game designed for maths rotations. 

Suitable for
  • Fast Finishers
Lesson Structure
  • Rotations / Group Work
Curriculum Codes

AC9M4M02 9

Recognise ways of measuring and approximating the perimeter and area of shapes and enclosed spaces, using appropriate formal and informal units

ACMMG087 8.4

Compare the areas of regular and irregular shapes by informal means


Compare the areas of regular and irregular shapes by informal means


Calculate the perimeter and area of rectangles and the volume and capacity of prisms using familiar metric units

MA2-1WM old

Uses appropriate terminology to describe, and symbols to represent, mathematical ideas

MA2-2WM old

Selects and uses appropriate mental or written strategies, or technology, to solve problems

MA2-3WM old

Checks the accuracy of a statement and explains the reasoning used

MA2-10MG old

Measures, records, compares and estimates areas using square centimetres and square metres

MA2-MR-01 new

Represents and uses the structure of multiplicative relations to 10 × 10 to solve problems

MA2-MR-02 new

Completes number sentences involving multiplication and division by finding missing values

MA2-PF-01 new

Represents and compares halves, quarters, thirds and fifths as lengths on a number line and their related fractions formed by halving (eighths, sixths and tenths)

MA2-GM-01 new

Uses grid maps and directional language to locate positions and follow routes

MA2-GM-02 new

Measures and estimates lengths in metres, centimetres and millimetres

MA2-GM-03 new

Identifies angles and classifies them by comparing to a right angle

MA2-2DS-01 new

Compares two-dimensional shapes and describes their features

MA2-2DS-02 new

Performs transformations by combining and splitting two-dimensional shapes

MA2-2DS-03 new

Estimates, measures and compares areas using square centimetres and square metres



Use the labelled cards for students who are not confident. Alternatively, the labelled cards can be added to a classroom word wall.


Use the unlabelled shape cards and ask individual students to name the shape before leaving the classroom for recess or lunch.
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