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Spook Subitising Assessment

Spook Subitising Assessment
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This simple subitising assessment sheet has been designed to be used at the conclusion of the Subitising Collections to 5 unit. It includes a teacher checklist to highlight each students’ abilities with subitising small collections to 5.

Conduct this quick assessment 1-on-1 with each student. Cover the sheet so that only one arrangement is shown at a time. Allow the student to see the arrangement for 2 seconds only before recording their answers.

Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9MFN02 9

Recognise and name the number of objects within a collection up to 5 using subitising

ACMNA003 8.4

Subitise small collections of objects

MAe-1WM old

Describes mathematical situations using everyday language, actions, materials and informal recordings

MAe-2WM old

Uses objects, actions, technology and/or trial and error to explore mathematical problems

MAe-3WM old

Uses concrete materials and/or pictorial representations to support conclusions

MAe-4NA old

Counts to 30, and orders, reads and represents numbers in the range 0 to 20

MAE-RWN-01 new

Demonstrates an understanding of how whole numbers indicate quantity


Subitise small collections of objects

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