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The Very Cranky Bear - Puppets Colour

The Very Cranky Bear - Puppets Colour

These ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ Puppets resources are part of a larger ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ literature unit. Use these puppets to reinforce the comprehension skill of retell. Students will love creating their own puppet show performances when retelling the story, ‘The Very Cranky Bear’.

Complete this ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ unit after reading the text. This unit has a large focus on important areas of a text that assist with early comprehension skills, including characters, setting, problems within a story, the resolution, as well as sequencing and retelling main and important events from the story. The unit also includes a comprehension assessment to gauge student understanding at the completion of the unit. After completing this unit, students will have a great understanding of the text and feel more confident comprehending the text.

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