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Recording Temperature - Thermometer Mon to Fri

Recording Temperature - Thermometer Mon to Fri
Earth & Space Sciences
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Record the temperature each day at the same time for a week to see how the temperature varies from Monday to Friday.

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Curriculum Codes

AC9S1U02 9

Describe daily and seasonal changes in the environment and explore how these changes affect everyday life.

ACSSU019 8.4

Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape


Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape; daily and seasonal changes affect everyday life

ST1-1WS-S old

Observes, questions and collects data to communicate and compare ideas

ST1-10ES-S old

Recognises observable changes occurring in the sky and on the land and identifies Earth’s resources



Graph the weather and answer questions such as finding the day with the highest temperature, the lowest temperature, average temperature.

Measure the temperature for a week during each season of the year and compare.

Measure the temperature at the same time each morning for a week. On another worksheet, record the temperature at midday. How does it compare? Does it always increase by the same amount from morning to midday?