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Understanding Disability - Presentation

Understanding Disability - Presentation
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This presentation was created to help students understand disability and difference. It introduces students to some common disabilities they may encounter at school, while encouraging them to treat others with fairness and respect.

Curriculum Codes

AC9HP6P01 9

Explain how identities can be influenced by people and places, and how we can create positive self-identities

AC9HP4P03 9

Describe how choices and actions can be influenced by stereotypes

ACPPS037 8.4

Describe how respect, empathy and valuing diversity can positively influence relationships

ACPPS051 8.4

Examine how identities are influenced by people and places


Describe factors that can positively influence relationships and personal wellbeing


Explore how identities are influenced by people and places

PD2-1 old

Explores strategies to manage physical, social and emotional change

PD2-2 old

Explains and uses strategies to develop resilience and to make them feel comfortable and safe

PD2-3 old

Explains how empathy, inclusion and respect can positively influence relationships

PD2-9 old

Demonstrates self- management skills to respond to their own and others’ actions

PD2-10 old

Demonstrates a range of interpersonal skills that build and enhance relationships and promote inclusion in various situations

PD3-1 old

Identifies and applies strengths and strategies to manage life changes and transitions

PD3-2 old

Investigates information, community resources and strategies to demonstrate resilience and seek help for themselves and others

PD3-3 old

Evaluates the impact of empathy, inclusion and respect on themselves and others

PD3-9 old

Applies and adapts self- management skills to respond to personal and group situations

PD3-10 old

Selects and uses interpersonal skills to interact respectfully with others to promote inclusion and build connections

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