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Upper Homework

Upper Homework
Upper Primary Homework

Original Teach This Upper Homework Program


This pack provides you with all 40 weeks of our upper primary homework program from Teach This.

This program does not include answer sheets. 

It is suitable for Upper Primary (Stage 3).   Each homework contract is written in accordance with the English and Mathematics curriculum documents.   Homework contracts are labelled Weeks 1 - 40 throughout the school year.   NOTE: We have removed any indication of year levels on the homework contracts themselves. This decision was made to allow teachers to match homework to individual student needs.

Amanda Saunders
Posted 5 years ago
QLD, Australia

This saved me a lot of time.

Marty Dures
Posted 5 years ago
NSW, Australia

The Upper Homework Program resource is very handy and expedites the provision of homework in an age and Stage appropriate level. To make it even better I suggest adding an answers page for each week for teacher's use.

Teach This Staff
Teach This Staff
Replied 5 years ago

Answer sheets are available on all of our curriculum linked Homework Booklets. 

Maureen Maleckar
Posted 5 years ago
Rebecca Mitchell
Posted 3 years ago
NSW, Australia
This is a great resource for any teacher