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Victorious Verbs - Irregular Past Tense Barrier Game

Victorious Verbs - Irregular Past Tense Barrier Game
English Games & Activities

This barrier game includes 4 different game versions and will challenge you in learning past tense verbs.


There are 20 past tense verbs on your map. Your partner will try to locate the verbs by calling out co-ordinates. 

When your partner calls a co-ordinate that has a past tense verb written in the space, read out the word.
Your partner will then say the matching verb before crossing if off their list. Your partner has 20 words to find.
But… if your partner lands on 5 splats before they have found all 20 words, you are the winner! Keep a record of the number of splats they have landed on in the splat station below.
If your partner lands on a smiley face, remove one of the splats from the splat station.