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Windy Day Activities - Worksheet

Windy Day Activities - Worksheet
Earth & Space Sciences
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Students will sort activities that are suited to windy weather conditions from those which are not.

This forms part of the Foundation Earth and Space Sciences Unit - Weather.

Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
Curriculum Codes

AC9S1U02 9

Describe daily and seasonal changes in the environment and explore how these changes affect everyday life.

ACSSU004 8.4

Daily and seasonal changes in our environment affect everyday life


Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape; daily and seasonal changes affect everyday life

STe-1WS-S old

Observes, questions and collects data to communicate ideas

STe-6ES-S old

Identifies how daily and seasonal changes in the environment affect humans and other living things

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Joanne Hanks
Posted 4 years ago
NSW, Australia
Looking forward to using this in our unit