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Year 1 Term 1 Homework Booklet

Year 1 Term 1 Homework Booklet
Resources Year 1

This booklet contains Weeks 1-10 of homework sheets for this year level all

linked to the Australian National Curriculum. It provides flexibility so you

can select whether students present homework each week or wait until the end

of the school term. 


Answer sheets are also contained in the second half of the booklet. You can

choose to print the first half for students to take home and then provide

the answer sheets at a later date. 


You will find that the comprehension passages are based on the History and

Science components and are intended to be used to either pre-frame learning

in this area, complement current learning or consolidate knowledge learnt

previously in class.

Barbara Van Trigt
Posted 2 years ago
WA, Australia
The children use this for the weeks homework my parents do not want them on computers so I do the paper copies and for my extension kids I use the Year 2 ones and for the ones who need a little simpler I use the lower homework sheets. They are all fantastic and parents love them as well as kids
Carmel Vickers
Posted 2 years ago
, Australia
An amazing array of resources ready to use when I need them.