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Year 5 Numeracy NAPLAN Preparation

Year 5 Numeracy NAPLAN Preparation
Year 5

The Year 5 NAPLAN Numeracy Preparation was created to assist teachers in preparing students for the assessment. This pack is designed to be used as a teacher led activity in small group rotations or as a whole class, The majority of questions require literacy, comprehension and problem solving skills.

Students should be encouraged to discuss and share their problem solving strategies to build skills and confidence.

Within this pack, you will find:

8 pages of Teacher Notes, including simple assessment tips to use throughout the year, relevant ACARA links, problem solving strategies and pre-assessment information for students.

* 19 pages of practise NAPLAN Numeracy Questions covering the following topics: chance, data representation & interpretation, fractions & decimals, geometric reasoning, location & transformation, money & financial maths, number & place value, patterns & algebra, shape, using units of measurement.