This unit is designed to cover the year 4 Physical Sciences material for the Australian National Curriculum. This physics unit stands apart from many of the other units in the science curriculum (with the possible exception of Year 2 Physics) and includes many novel items like Newton’s laws of motion and magnetism. Students will learn this exciting new material through presentations, demonstrations and hands-on lab work. We also provide worksheets, and an assessment task to help you make sure that your students understand these important science concepts.

7 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
15x resources/worksheets

In this unit students will;

  • Observe qualitatively how speed is affected by the size of force
  • Explore how non-contact forces are similar to contact forces in terms of objects pushing and pulling another object.
  • Compare and contrast the effect of friction on different surfaces, such as tyres and shoes on a range of surfaces.
  • Investigate the effect of forces on the behaviour of an object through actions such as throwing, dropping, bouncing and rolling.
  • Explore the forces of attraction and repulsion between magnets.