This unit is based on the Year 2 Australian Curriculum HASS Inquiry Skills, Knowledge and Understandings.

Students explore changes between the past and present, sorting them into 'then and now'.

They investigate and discuss reasons for changes in technology over time. The examine changes that have occured in land and sea transport as well as cooking, food preparation and storage, telephones, computers and toys.

They explore inventions in technology and they undertake an investigation of an invention of their choice.

10 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
31x resources/worksheets

Students will:

  • Understand how changes in technology have changed or impacted our daily life.
  • Investigate the changes that have occurred from past to present.
  • Explore changes that have occurred in the areas of transport, cooking, technology and toys.
  • Understand and explain the difference between continuity and change.
  • Investigate why changes occur.
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