This unit covers the Chemical Sciences strand of the Australian Curriculum for Year 2. In this unit students will learn that objects are made of a range of materials that have observable properties. They will understand the various ways we can physically change materials including bending, twisting, stretching and cutting. Students will learn that some materials have a greater impact on the environment than others. They will get hands-on experience working with and manipulating materials with a series of exciting in-class activities and experiments. Each of the lessons has an accompanying worksheet for students to complete and the unit culminates with a final assessment when students can demonstrate their understanding of physically changing materials.

6 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
22x resources/worksheets
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Australian Curriculum - (QLD/SA/WA/NT/TAS/ACT)


Recognise that materials can be changed physically without changing their material composition and explore the effect of different actions on materials including bending, twisting, stretching and breaking into smaller pieces


The key concepts in this unit include:

  • Materials can be classified into 6 main groups. 
  • A physical change does not affect the make up of a material.
  • There are 4 physical changes that can be applied to materials; bending, twisting, stretching and breaking.
  • Some materials have a greater environmental impact than others.
Learning Intention
  • We are learning to understand that different materials can be combined for a particular purpose.
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